A warm welcome to my Elementary course - English 201. My What's app for homework is +6421126824 (I will check it within 2-3 days). Please always let me know if you have any questions. 

Sample lesson. My day.

Task 1 (vocabulary + speaking):  read the words below - do you know all of them? If not, check your dictionary. 


get up           go to bed         leave home        get home

       have breakfast      have lunch       have dinner

start work/classes             finish work/classes

work      study        sleep      live

I'm going to read these words for you now, repeat after me - do this a couple of times.

Now answer the questions:

Which two things do you do in the morning?

Which two in the afternoon?

Which two in the evening?

Task 2 (reading): Kari Matchett is an actress. Can you guess the times TV actors do these things? 


1. get up                        3. start work

2. have breakfast          4. have lunch 


Now read the article about Kari and check if you were right.

Read the article again. Are these sentences True or False? Correct the false sentences.


1. Kari is from Canada.

2. TV actors get up very late.

3. They have breakfast at the studio.

4. They work for six hours before lunch.

5. They have half an hour for lunch.

Task 3 (grammar + pronunciation): find the verbs the sentences below. They are all in Present Simple. We use Present Simple to talk about daily routines. 

1. I get up at 4.30 in the morning.

2. You get up very early.

3. We start work at about 7.

4. They have an hour for lunch. 

Listen to the sentences. Pause after each sentence and repeat (do this 10-15 times). Try and copy the pronunciation. 

Read Kari's answers again. Write down all verbs that are in Present Simple tense. 

Task 4 (grammar + listening): now read about Kari's afternoon and evening routine. Fill in the gaps with these verbs.


finish       get        go        start         finish          sleep  

Now listen to me and check. 

Look at the table below. Notice the word order in questions.


1. Write 6 sentences about your daily routine using the words from Task 1. Say these sentences, record your audio and send it to me. 


For example, I get up at 6am every day. 

2. I am going to ask you questions about Kari. Answer my questions, record your answers and send the recording to me. 

3. Write five questions you want to ask me about my daily routine using the words from Task 1. Record your questions and send the recording to me. 


For example, What time do you get up at the weekend?