A very warm welcome to my Pre-Intermediate English language course - English 301. Thank you for choosing me to be your English teacher (among the millions of teachers in the world). 


In each lesson we will be working on developing your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills together with some vocabulary, pronunciation and/or grammar work. Each lesson will also have tasks that you will be sending to my email hello@bluebabushka.com or What's app +64211268243 (whichever is more convenient for you) and getting feedback on. I am very open to any suggestions and feedback so please get in touch if there are any questions. Please allow me a couple of days to check your homework. 


Let’s get started.

Week 1, lesson 1. Life stories.

Task 1 (vocabulary + speaking): read the phrases below. Put them into four groups: ones about family (F), work (W), free time (FT) or study (S)?

Listen to me to check. 

Use all the phrases above to tell me about yourself (make them negative if necessary). Record your sentences and send to me. 

Task 2 (reading + listening + speaking): write the name of three famous British or American people. Tell me about them: What are they famous for? What do they look like? Record your sentences and send to me.

Before you read, check these words in the dictionary if you need.


a celebrity                 a chef               a recipe                a TV series               a campaign

the government       fresh ingredients                    the drums

Read and listen to the profile of Jamie Oliver. Then match a-e to paragraphs 1-5.

a Jamie's early life
b Campaigning for healthy food
c A world-famous chef 1
d Family and home life
e A restaurant with a difference

Check your answer here

Read the profile again. Find the answers to these questions.

1 How does Jamie travel around London? Jamie travels around London by scooter.
2 When did he make his first TV series?
3 What is he writing at the moment?
4 Which instrument can he play?
5 How often was Jamie's Kitchen on TV?
6 How many children has he got?
7 Where is he going to open his new restaurants?
8 How long did he work at the River Cafe?
9 How old was Jamie when he got married?
10 Who did he make lunch for in 1999?
11 Why did he make Jamie's School Dinners?
12 How much did the British government agree to spend on school meals?

Record your answers and send to me.

Task 3 (grammar): question words.

Write these question words in the table. 


Who          Which               Where                What               When

Why           How              How long             How many            How much

How often           How old



• We can often use Which or What with no difference in meaning: Which/What newspaper do you read?
• We use Whose ... ? to ask about possessions: Whose pen is this?
• We use What kind/sort/type of .. . ? to ask about which thing, activity, etc.: What kind of food do you like?

Listen to me to check.

Task 4 (grammar): review of verb forms and questions.


Match the words/ phrases in bold in Jamie's profile to these verb forms.

Present Simple lives 
Present Continuous
Past Simple
be going to


Check your answer here.

Make questions with these words.

Now listen and check. Listen 8-10 times and repeat the sentences trying to copy pronunciation. Then record your sentences and your answers to the questions  and send to me - make them sound exactly like the original recording. 

Task 5 (reading + writing): watch this video about a life story of a very famous person a couple of times. Then write at least five sentences describing her life story and send them to me.