English in Stories (Instagram)

Revolutionize the way you learn English. On-the-go way to improve your English for them busy people. In your lunch break, while your baby is having a nap, while you commute: all you need is 15-20 min per day and your Instagram account on your phone.


Each week when we look at one hot topic (going to the dentist, dietary requirements, online dating etc) you get around 40 Stories from me each day with content galore: my own videos, video clips from movies, extracts from blogs, a video from your favourite YouTube blogger. You will also get 2-3 tasks that you will have to complete and send back to me as an audio message or text. I will check it and send you my feedback. 


Level required: Pre-Intermediate to Advanced, try one week to see if it's right for you (it will be, trust me!). 


Special offer: buy 10 weeks, get one more free.