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Working for an international company? Planning to or moving overseas?
Let EIS revolutionize the way you learn English
On-the-go way to improve English for them busy people.
In your lunch break, while your baby is having a nap, while you commute.
All you need is from 15-20 min per day and access to your Social Media account
English in Stories
Learning on your terms
6 reasons to learn English with EIS
  • The hottest topics EVER
    Learn English for what people are talking about right now. New unique topic each week and fun Home Tasks each day will never let you get bored
  • Choose when to join us
    EIS starts anew every Monday. Choose to join us on weeks that excite you!

  • Do it where and when you can!
    Each day you have 24 hours to watch all the Stories and complete all the tasks. Do it when it's most convenient for you: in your lunch break, while your baby is having a nap, while you commute
  • Learn English people
    actually use
    EIS only teaches English people use every day in everyday life
  • Daily personal feedback
    from our teachers
    Our experienced teachers will be in touch with you every day with personal feedback about your work and to answer any of the questions you might have
  • English learning like
    never before!
    English learning finally made fun. Most of our students complete all the tasks each week and choose to learn English with EIS for weeks and weeks
How it works
Personalized feedback and tips from your teacher every day
Daily Feedback
Every day you will receive 3 home tasks to complete by sending us a text or a voice message
Home Tasks
Daily Stories
Your teacher will get in touch with you on your Social Media account and will add you into a group where EIS will start on the following Monday
A closed group for EIS students
All you need to do is to watch all the Stories and do all the tasks on your screen
EIS in numbers
Most of our students notice their progress after two weeks of EIS
out of
students complete each week
make progress in
Even if you only learnt English at school
do it too
you can
1000+ EIS students in the last 2,5 years
Out students come from 45+ countries
A trial run
five days for the price of three
A week or more
choose any number of weeks
10 weeks
9$ / week
15$ / week
135$ / bundle
EIS - language learning like never before
Anastasia Kariukin
EIS founder and head teacher
«Every day we work on making EIS more effective yet more fun. Our team is dedicated to coming up with new exciting tasks and ways to study that will let you apply what you learn straight away. Through their daily feedback our teachers will help you improve your English and at the same time will encourage and motivate you. See you in EIS!»
Anastasia is a qualified English teacher with 15+ years of experience of teaching English in Russia, New Zealand and Australia. Based in Sydney now.
EIS will help you feel comfortable in a new country or in your new job faster and start speaking English with confidence in no time!
Book your week of next generation language learning and feel the difference. Have fun learning and see how effective EIS is.
of interactive learning you will never forget
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